Re: Don't use Soft*Deposit!

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 03 Jul 1997 09:02:04 -0400

Not even my dentist charges that much for support. And they didn't tell
you about that catch until AFTER you've paid for the software, and then
won't take returns. NOT a way to keep customers happy.

I finally think I have it working, but I'm too stinking proud to pay $60 an
hour for support on a *DOS* program (who writes DOS programs anymore?) --
hell, not even Micro$oft charges that much on most of its business systems
(other than NT).

At 12:47 AM 7/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Jeff Woods wrote:
>> Assholes. That's putting it mildly. Royal clueless bitch might be closer.
>All I have to say is that setting up an automated CC system is
>like pulling teetch yourself. Its a pain any way you try to do
>it. We've had a lot of problems with banks and merchant software.
>Each will *ALWAYS* point the finger at the other. Murphy
>gurantees it. :(
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