Don't use Soft*Deposit!

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 02 Jul 1997 17:42:27 -0400

Assholes. That's putting it mildly. Royal clueless bitch might be closer.

Our bank FINALLY set up a VisaNet merchant account for us. The bank sent
us the details: VisaNet number, merchant IDs, and telephone numbers.

Problem: The field in Soft*Deposit for merchant ID is 12 characters long.
My MerchID is 16 characters long.

Problem: The software wants what is known as an Acquirer Number. The bank
says it isn't needed, and that they don't have one. Soft*Deposit says it
is required.

Clueless bitch on the phone won't talk to me unless I pay $60 an hour for
support, JUST TO GET SOFTWARE I PAID FOR TO WORK (and with no guarantees
that they can do so -- they seem to think my bank is clueless, even though
we've processed over 30,000 charges through standard Tranz-330 terminals
with them since 1991). And since I paid for the software more than 90 days
ago, while waiting for the bank to get my VisaNet account, she won't offer
a refund on the software -- and it's beyond the time I can ask the credit
card company I paid for it with for a reversal.

Soft*Deposit sucks in a VERY big way, and American Digital doesn't give a
DAMN about their customers once they have their money, other than to try to
get MORE money out of them.

Be forewarned.