RE: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2

Peter A. Sang ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 11:34:58 +0200

OK, here are our *requirements*:

1. We have to keep accounting detail records for 3 months after the
invoice date. They are not intended to be on the invoice since people do
query them online from the calls table.
2. We use the calls table (at least for now and the near future) for
additional information with acctstatustype=4. These records MUST NOT be
deleted at all, we do management/housekeeping with our own scripts.

What I'd like to suggest is a 'trim calls/all tables table' button with
an underlying *administrator-definable* script where Dale supplies a
default script. However, for *us* this is not really required since we
do *our* housekeeping with scheduled maintenance scripts.
All *we* require is the *absence* of 'automatic' well-meaning/bad-doing
consolidation scripts that could possibly *destroy* our work.

BTW: database is > 1GB and rapidly growing problem, means more
money..... :)

Again: just *our* requirements....your comments?
Peter A. Sang
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>From: Dale E. Reed Jr.[]
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>Sent: Dienstag, 24. Juni 1997 23:56
>Subject: Re: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2
>I would like to hear someone's recommendation on how to handle this
>situation. I have already volunteered to look into an option of
>the details of the call to the user (configurable on a per user basis).
>If we don't move the records out of the calls table, users will be
>double billed.
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