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Tom Bilan ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:11:40 -0400

Yes, Dale, I agree with you. Everyone wants everything and they want it
now and they want it to work easily.

I love consolidation, it's a great, and necessary, idea but when the FBI
comes to my office with a subpoena asking for call detail records (and YES
this happens to me once a month) I won't be able to
give them what they need. I also use those records for other statistical

Both of MY reasons have nothing to do with Emerald billing structure.
Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish my goal is to set up a trigger on the
calls table that inserts an identical record into the calls-keep database
or some such thing. I can stumble around SQL so I should be able to get
any info I need from there and be able to cut/paste it to a user if necessary.

Help on such a trigger would be welcome :)

Tom "anxiously awaiting 2.2.x" Bilan

At 02:56 PM 6/24/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Tom Bilan wrote:
>> Also, on a previous thread, I agree with the person who was upset at
>> the fact that the consolidation erased the detail records. I have had
>> users in the past who wanted their dates and times online to verify
>> my numbers. They generally do it to be a pain in the ass but I can
>> see their point.
>This is really started to become a no-win issue. We don't delete
>and people complain about their databases becoming too big, logs
>etc. We delete them to satisfy the customer, and now people are mad at
>I would like to hear someone's recommendation on how to handle this
>situation. I have already volunteered to look into an option of
>the details of the call to the user (configurable on a per user basis).
>If we don't move the records out of the calls table, users will be
>double billed.
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