RE: Web'ified user info???

Peter A. Sang ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 20:53:54 +0200

Hi Dale,

thanks for the recommendation, but unfortunately we have no German
reports completely finalized yet. We will move our complete billing to
Emerald _as_soon_as_ some issues are solved - read my mail from
yesterday ;) ?

Concerning users checking their accounts: we have built a rather
sophisticated system based on Emerald (with dbo.traffic extensions),
users can collect various data (status of their account(s), used
time/data transfer by IP address, web/LAN traffic, hits on their web
pages and so on, maybe we will release it when the Emerald DB structure
has settled. Unfortunately it's not visible from the outside

However, if Nyles (sorry, missed his mail address) needs some help, he's
Peter A. Sang
SANG Computersysteme GmbH * Kruppstr. 82-100 * 45145 Essen * Germany
T: +49-201-82020-0 * F:-40 * *
* Microsoft Solution Provider * Intel Systems Integrator *

>From: Dale E. Reed Jr.[]
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>Sent: Dienstag, 24. Juni 1997 18:50
>Subject: Re: Web'ified user info???
>Nylis G. Renschler II wrote:
>> Sorry if this has been covered here before as I am new to this list. I
>> am in the process of converting/purchasing Emerald and I would like to
>> know if anyone has already translated some of the reports to German
>> output. Second has anyone got some code that will give my users the
>> ability to check account usage/billing stats form the DB.
>You might want to talk to Peter Sang (he'll pop his head in here) as
>he has done a lot with Emerald and German.
>For the code, check out and the
>asp, cf, and idc directories.
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