Re[2]: Emerald=DSN Error "DSN is not must install it before printing"

Jeremy Domingue ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 10:19:18

MS Query, ISQL_W, all of them work fine. Everything in Emerald works fine except for

In your message you wrote:

>Here's a stupid idea but here goes.
>Have you tried MSQuery and try to attach to your Emerald DSN.
>You may get an error message that might help.
>At 05:09 PM 6/20/97, you wrote:
>>Dale & co:
>>I e-mailed a few weeks ago with problems printing (Getting the error
>"Emerald DSN is
>>not must install it before printing"). What you had said
>was that I needed
>>to make sure that the Emerald DSN was set to EXACTLY "Emerald" (no quotes,
>>sensitive, I know). I have double, triple, and quadruple checked, and this
>is the way that
>>it is set. I have re-installed the SQL utilities, re-installed Emerald,
>and I am _still_
>>getting the same error. This is very annoying...we have it running on 4
>other machines
>>with no problems, so I do know how to set it up, but there is something
>defenitely not
>>right here. Ideas???

Jeremy Domingue
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