Re: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2

Will LaSala ( )
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 09:45:04 -0400

I don't suppose you could add us to that list of people for the 2.2.25
We've been waiting for the Post.Office 3.1 fix since may sometime.

Thanks Will
From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
Date: Saturday, June 21, 1997 12:10 AM
Subject: Re: Post.Office - Emerald 2.2.2

>Tom Bilan wrote:
>> It's supposed to work with 2.2
>> I'm waiting for the release too.
>> Dale? *nudge*
>Ok. Robert Boyle and myself got to the bottom of this Post.Office 3.x
>issue today. It seems that Software.Com mis-documented thier "not much
>used" Email forms and changed it quite a bit in 3.x. Of the more
>things is that many of the "Optional" labeled form fields are actually
>optional, and that is what is causing the problem. We should have a
>version of Emerald 2.2.x that will correctly create the accounts on
>I am not putting the blame on Software.Com (since we do not send all
>the form fields which would have prevented the problem anyways) just
>that because of changes in their E-Mail form behavior, it took us a
>little longer to finally resolve the Post.Office 3.x problems. I'll try
>to get Emerald 2.2.25 or so to those who have inquired about it for
>Post.Office 3.x over the weekend so you can install it next week.
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