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Ross James ( )
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 19:58:21 +1000

Our bills are based on useage. No customer here will pay on a consolidated single line invoice.

We have to use crystal reports to produce invoices from the calls tables: which gives our customers an itemised account. Then we enter all those invoices into an accounting system to track payments etc.

As far as I can see we wasted our money on Emerald. We understood much earlier on that detailed invoices were possible - then the consolidated method was introduced .....

>>> "Dale E. Reed Jr." <> 06/23 11:48 am >>>
Ross James wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> I don't understand how any ISP can use the system when you have to
> consolidate the calls table before producing an invoice. Would
> appreciate any comment you have on this.

You do NOT need to consolidate the calls table before producing
an invoice. If you have ONLY unlimited usage, consolidating the calls
is really irrelevant. If you bill based on usage, then you must
consolidate the calls. No matter what billing package you use,
if its billing on usag, it has to get the usage somehow. Emerald
just does a couple things at once when consolidating.

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