Re: Missing: Accounts & Service Types Data

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 09:11:28 -0500

Quote from Dale E. Reed Jr.

"The problem is the tabctl32.ocx that comes with VB5, Interdev, and other
new MS packages doesn't show the first tab on SOME of the Emerald windows.
You can either put back the tabctl32.ocx which comes with Emerald (causing
some possible issues with the new programs) or try the on the
/emerald/beta. We are compiling Emerald 2.2.x with the new tabctl32.ocx and
it seems to have cleared the problem."

From: Albert Churba <>
To: ''
Subject: Missing: Accounts & Service Types Data
Date: Monday, June 16, 1997 3:17 AM


First off thanks for your support. I can really appreciate the time spent
supporting your product with the variety and multitude of questions! I can
see just how knowledgeable you are.


I finally printed the pages of the manual. I want to install the client and
administration utility on my personal workstation (NT40 Wkstn SP2). I have
followed the steps to install the Emerald product (SQL client has always
been on the machine). The DSN is configured and I log in correctly to SQL
Server 6.5. When I try to access either the Emerald product or
Administration application I wind up with missing the data on the Account
and Service Types tabs respectfully. RadiusNT runs on the SQL server and
not my workstaion. Since I'm green with your system, I probably have
something misconfigured but am learning. This problems happens even when
logged in as "sa." Any ideas? I do need multi-user access to the account


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