Missing: Accounts & Service Types Data

Albert Churba ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 04:17:17 -0400


First off thanks for your support. I can really appreciate the time =
spent supporting your product with the variety and multitude of =
questions! I can see just how knowledgeable you are.


I finally printed the pages of the manual. I want to install the client =
and administration utility on my personal workstation (NT40 Wkstn SP2). =
I have followed the steps to install the Emerald product (SQL client has =
always been on the machine). The DSN is configured and I log in =
correctly to SQL Server 6.5. When I try to access either the Emerald =
product or Administration application I wind up with missing the data on =
the Account and Service Types tabs respectfully. RadiusNT runs on the =
SQL server and not my workstaion. Since I'm green with your system, I =
probably have something misconfigured but am learning. This problems =
happens even when logged in as "sa." Any ideas? I do need multi-user =
access to the account information.