Billing STILL is confusing

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 10:58:57 -0400

We have several customers who want to be billed by Purchase Order.

How can we bill these customers a MONTH prior to expiration (so they have
time to receive the bill, cut a check, and get it back to us before
expiration), but WITHOUT affecting credit card users, who it is ILLEGAL to
bill more than 3 days before their expiration date?

It seems some credit card customers are showing up in the Invoice list as
"renewal" and that's munging it up.

WHY does billing have to be so DAMN complex? Why can't we have a single
button, that says "BILL". This button would do everything that "billing"
has been configured to do in advance. It would know that invoices/P.O.'s
were to be billed 40 days in advance, and credit cards 3 days, and would
just DO it. Why the multiple pass B.S.? We paid $3000 for this thing six
months ago and we *still* have to babysit each and every account by hand
because billing is just to complex for anyone to use -- and we're technical