Re: emeraldonline.idc

Tommy Cheng ( )
Thu, 29 May 1997 23:33:40 -0700

John Lange wrote:
> HI All
> I think the guy who wrote this is gone, but - Help, Please Help
> I had it working perfectly untill one day my server crashed. I'm now
> running iis 3 and can't seem to get it going. I created an user
> called
> AnonUser & added it to the Emerald/SQL users group, set up the anon
> user
> stuff in iis manager. Depending on what I do, all it seems to do is
> ask
> for a username & password or let me dl the .idc
> I know I am missing something simple, I had it working before.
> Thanks in advance

The guy's name is Franko. He is still around. The question is whether
he will answer your question or not?