Re: RadiusNT

Daniel Wood ( )
Tue, 27 May 1997 10:41:17 -0700

At 10:31 AM 5/27/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Daniel Wood wrote:
>> I just upgraded my RadiusNT from 49 to 60 and now my online in Emerald
>> doesn't show any new callers
>Ok, start with the basics. What does -x15 show and is there any error
>messages in your logfile?

-x15 show that everything seems to be working and there are no error messages
in the log file. RadiusNT seems to authenticate just fine but I just
can't see them in calls online. One odd thing is that when I run RadiusNT
admin on my main Radius Server and try to check the security it fails the
connection even through I am using the right username and password. If I
run RadiusNT admin on my secondary Radius Server and check the security it
works fine. I have looked at both ODBC setups and they look the same.