Re: Dialin with portmaster

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
20 Jan 97 13:19:01 EDT

At 11:37 97-01-20 -0500, you wrote:

>I would suggest that you do as the dialogue box said: Check your network
>configuration in the Win95 control panel. You may not have gotten the
>TCPIP protocol added properly (I have found there are times when the
>dial up networking wizard doesn't work right.) Add the protocol. The
>problem is on your side.

I've seen that many times. There's also some occasion where the protocol
just stops working properly. Sometime, just a reboot is ok but most of the
time you may have to remove and add the TCP/IP protocol. Have you tried
with another client like trumpet? If it works with Trumpet, there's no
reason for it not to work with 95. The portmasters supports these two
clients very well.



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