Re: Still gettiing ole Doc Watson.

Chris Kurlinski ( )
Fri, 09 May 1997 10:17:10 -0400

Barry at Mint City Internet wrote:
> Well I spoke too soon. Now it is getting too critical stages, I have really
> pissed off customers who can't log in.
> Watching the dos window while Radius runs, I see that usually the last
> reported info is for rejecting a bad user name or password. Also, radius
> reports on accounting details over and over and over. It is also writing
> to the flat accounting file. This file really grows fast!
> I have gone over the users file, following the txt files in radius and
> rechecked the setup files which came with radius. Radius reports no errors
> when it starts up.
> We are using a Computone Intelliserver and WinNT4.0 sp1 with 64 megs of ram.
> I have unchecked everything in Radadmin and turned off accounting in the
> Intelliserver.
> We dialled into the NAS with bad passwords and usernames and usually we
> could make it fail.
> Please help.........
> Barry Buchholz
> System Administration
> Mint City Internet
> phone 517-224-4714
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What version of the Computone Kernel are you using, I use 1.5.1g. Then
what version of RadiusNT are you using (type radius -v at a prompt). I
had Dr. Watson errors until I put in 1.16.90. Also have Dean from
computone check out the configuration of the PowerRack (he found all my
mistakes in about 5 minutes, and there were plenty <G>).


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