Still gettiing ole Doc Watson.

Barry at Mint City Internet ( )
Fri, 09 May 1997 09:16:19 -0400

Well I spoke too soon. Now it is getting too critical stages, I have really
pissed off customers who can't log in.
Watching the dos window while Radius runs, I see that usually the last
reported info is for rejecting a bad user name or password. Also, radius
reports on accounting details over and over and over. It is also writing
to the flat accounting file. This file really grows fast!

I have gone over the users file, following the txt files in radius and
rechecked the setup files which came with radius. Radius reports no errors
when it starts up.

We are using a Computone Intelliserver and WinNT4.0 sp1 with 64 megs of ram.

I have unchecked everything in Radadmin and turned off accounting in the

We dialled into the NAS with bad passwords and usernames and usually we
could make it fail.

Please help.........
Barry Buchholz
System Administration
Mint City Internet
phone 517-224-4714