Re: radius died

Troy Hall ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 01:03:27 -0700

> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: radius died
> Date: Tuesday, April 29, 1997 12:27 AM
> Troy Hall wrote:
> >
> > I came in this morning to find the servers running extremely slow. A
> > thorough search revealed nothing out of the ordinary, other than I was
> > resolving one of my normal customers.
> > I restarted dns and the problem went away, but not the slowness.
> > Then one of my customers called and stated that they could'nt upload a
> > to me as it was getting killed in mid upload. And that the xfer rate
> > less than 1k.
> >
> > Then later tonight I found out that radius has stop authenticating
> > customers. Only customers that are in the PM2E are being allowed on
> > server. Restarting radius and/or rebooting did not cure this.
> This is like getting out a magnet to find a needle. :(

And I bet my answers won't help much :-{

> Anytime you have RadiusNT problems, you need to post ATLEAST the
> following. Some people have even put it into their sig, although I
> doubt most people find it useful. :)

Sorry, did'nt know. I have printed your instructions for next time :-}

> Version of RadiusNT (-v) and options.
> -x15 debug of the problem (authentication)
> Anything special about your install (ODBC driver type, etc).

I'm using ver 1.16.nt 95.01.06 NOSHADOW windowsNT
when I type radius -x15 from the command line, it says, its loading....
using port 1645. authbind: NO ERROR

which would seem to indicate that all is well, yet they cant log in...:-{

I'm sure I was of no help, but is all I know.

Troy Hall
Lemoore Computers and Internet Services