Re: radius died

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 00:27:20 -0700

Troy Hall wrote:
> I came in this morning to find the servers running extremely slow. A
> thorough search revealed nothing out of the ordinary, other than I was not
> resolving one of my normal customers.
> I restarted dns and the problem went away, but not the slowness.
> Then one of my customers called and stated that they could'nt upload a file
> to me as it was getting killed in mid upload. And that the xfer rate was
> less than 1k.
> Then later tonight I found out that radius has stop authenticating
> customers. Only customers that are in the PM2E are being allowed on the
> server. Restarting radius and/or rebooting did not cure this.

This is like getting out a magnet to find a needle. :(

Anytime you have RadiusNT problems, you need to post ATLEAST the
following. Some people have even put it into their sig, although I
doubt most people find it useful. :)

Version of RadiusNT (-v) and options.
-x15 debug of the problem (authentication)
Anything special about your install (ODBC driver type, etc).

Typically as you are going through the second one above you'll
many of your own questions.

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