Re: SQL and RadiusNT

Sam Dibrell, Jr. ( )
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 16:17:38 -0500

Mitch, Dale, Troy,

We definitely have a problem if Access97 can handle 6000 users on
100MHz/64mb Ram and SQL is going to take a Quad-Proc PPRO 200/2gig %).

We have segmented the network using the router as a bridge. One class C
handles the portmaster LAN, and the other class C handles the local LAN
(mail, news, etc.) Network utilization on the Portmaster LAN is averaging
15%. Utilization on the Local LAN is 4-12%. In about 20 minutes, a
10/100mbps switched hub should be at my doorstep. (Hey - we got it for
$4k..I couldn't pass it up!)

I'm going to take the advice on the memory - we'll be up to 128mb on
Monday and set up SQL to take advantage of it.

Thanks for all the info, folks...any further ideas are appreciated!


Sam Dibrell, Jr.
System Administrator
South Texas Internet Connections, Inc.