SQL and RadiusNT

Sam Dibrell, Jr. ( sam@stic.net )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 16:29:14 -0500


We've been running RadiusNT and Access95/97 for about a year now and have
outgrown that alliance. Starting up with SQL is starting to get
interesting, so here are a few questions:

We have downloaded the MS Access97 Upsizing tool and have successfully
created a SQL database that is fully populated with our user data. The
Access97 (front-end) has linked tables to the SQL database. The front end
seems to be working well (except that network users can't see the linked
tables - I think I can fix that one, but if anyone has a suggestion....:) )

First off, is this legal? Will a SQL database that has been designed in
this manner work with RadiusNT?

Okay. There are many problems after this point. Using ISQL/W from either
the SQL machine or the RadiusNT machine, I can query the database using my
RADIUS user. When I try to start radius from the command line (logged into
the NT Machine as a user that is in the SQLUSERS group) it reports that it
can't find any of the tables that it is looking for. Using the
RadiusAdministrator, I click on the Password tab, type in the DB name, the
RADIUS user and password (verify) and check the connection...it fails.

As a side note, I followed the SQL instructions in the Radius Installation
guide (trying to substitute the database I had already created for the
Emerald info) and it appears that SQL accepted the adjustments.

Here's a checklist of what I did:

1) Upsize the Access97 DB to SQL
2) Change the SYSTEM DSN on the RadiusNT Machine to use the SQL Driver
3) Followed the RADIUSNT Installation instructions to set up SQL

Where to go from here?