ISDN Profile W/ dedicated IP

Sam Akhtar ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 16:08:20 -0400


We're using a Max 4004 and would like some assistance in setting up a
profile for one of our users whom we will be\might be assigning a
static IP address...
So far this is what we have under the Emerald\RadiusNT profile for this

User-Name <blah>
Password <blah>
User-Service Framed-User
Framed-Protocol MPP
Framed-Address nnn.nnn.nnn.230
Ascend-Base-Channel-Count 1
Ascend-Minimum-Channels 1
Ascend-Maximum-Channels 2
Ascend-Idle-Limit 900

Is there anything we're missing\need to add?

Thanks for any assistance!

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