Re: ISDN Profile W/ dedicated IP

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 16:30:41 -0400

> We're using a Max 4004 and would like some assistance in setting up a
> profile for one of our users whom we will be\might be assigning a
> static IP address...
> So far this is what we have under the Emerald\RadiusNT profile for this
> user:
> Is there anything we're missing\need to add?

All you need for dedicated dialup is:

Ascend-Idle-Limit = 0
Framed-Address =
Framed-Netmask =
Framed-Protocol = 1
User-Service = 2

In the above case, setting the Ascend-Idle-Limit=0 makes it so that this
user doesn't have an idle-timeout limit, whereas all of the other users
automatically have 1200 assigned to them (20 minutes). I have it set this
way because he's dialed up 24/7.
If you still want the user to have an idle limit, just change the number to
whatever you want (in seconds).

The IP address that I have assigned to him is an IP that is NOT part of the
IP pool assigned for normal dialup PPP sessions.

You may also need to change one setting in your Max:
Ethernet / Mod Config
Shared Prof=Yes (from "No")

Josh Hillman