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Well I am by no means an athority but from my experience on my machines, if radius is in fact running as a service then it will not start from the command prompt. It will attempt to start and at the end it will say "acct bind: NO error" Because you are not getting this error then it tells me that the service is not actualy running. In control pannel/services what does it say? I suspect that it is trying to start but then, for some as yet unknown reason, is not.

Dale, if I am all wet on this let us know.

On 04/04/97, at 08:57 AM, Ted Olson wrote:

>Hmmm, maybe my question yesterday was too verbose, or too dumb (no replies)
>-- so I'll thin it down to its essence and try again: with RadNT 1.16.60
>already running as a service, is it then necessary to *also* type radius at
>a command prompt (i.e. c:\radius> radius -x15 -A) and keep it open??? Does
>that actually replace the service that had been running, making the original
>net start irrelevant?
>Since updating, this seems to be the only way we can get authenticating to
>work. We didn't used to need to do this, radius just ran neatly as a
>background startup service, but now it's taking extra manual steps. In RadNT
>Administrator, we've set Debug to General only, and confirmed the two
>services port numbers. Anything else? Any feedback will be much appreciated!
>Confused in California
>(PS: Dale, don't let some of the comments get you down, just shake it off
>and keep on truckin. You've been doing a terrific job for a long time now.)
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