Re: Authenticating

Mitch Wagers ( )
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 12:11:37 -0600

Um, this is in response to your RadiusNT Service start problems. Dale is
correct, if you are running radius as a service(bg), then you MUST stop it
before running a command line. If your radiusnt services was running in
the bg before, then you obviously have done something to affect it. Here
are some ideas:

1.) If your server is set on a domain, then you SHOULD specify a user for
radius to use when starting(i.e. so radiusnt can logon to the domain) If
you do not, radiusnt will not start unless using a system account(not
recommended), and generally does not put an event in the event
log(depending on your audits). Create a user for RadiusNT ONLY, with very
minimal restrictions to the domain, but this is dependent upon your global
domain policies.

2.) If you are running a PDC, and you recently replaced the PDC, make sure
you go through all of your accounts and shares. This seems to be a bug
with MS unless you carry two BDC's. Also check your Local Profiles :)

3.) If the server is NOT on the domain, then you need to check your User
Manager for an account for radiusnt to use. It is suggested(by MS) that
you do not use a system account, but specify an account, much like you
would for a domained server.

4.) If you updated to a newer version of RadiusNT, REMOVE the service from
the command line and INSTALL the service using the new radius.exe. I have
had a couple problems with NT SRV Security not wanting to allow version
changes on the services.

Hope this helps man! If you have any more questions, I will try and answer :)

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