Re: Authenticating

Ted Olson ( )
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 06:49:53 -0800

Hmmm, maybe my question yesterday was too verbose, or too dumb (no replies)
-- so I'll thin it down to its essence and try again: with RadNT 1.16.60
already running as a service, is it then necessary to *also* type radius at
a command prompt (i.e. c:\radius> radius -x15 -A) and keep it open??? Does
that actually replace the service that had been running, making the original
net start irrelevant?

Since updating, this seems to be the only way we can get authenticating to
work. We didn't used to need to do this, radius just ran neatly as a
background startup service, but now it's taking extra manual steps. In RadNT
Administrator, we've set Debug to General only, and confirmed the two
services port numbers. Anything else? Any feedback will be much appreciated!

Confused in California

(PS: Dale, don't let some of the comments get you down, just shake it off
and keep on truckin. You've been doing a terrific job for a long time now.)

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