Re: 0 Users loaded!

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 12:22:30 -0500

Andrew, copy the "users.example" file to "users" (like you did before)
Then use that from now on, but don't use the commandline-based EDIT to edit
the file. So long as you copy the file (as mentioned a minute ago), using
Windows NT Notepad will work fine. One key thing is, there must be an
EMPTY line at the end of this file at all times, so be sure to hit ENTER
after the last line of actual text, and make sure there's nothing following
it. Also, be sure to use TAB instead of spaces where they belong. I think
there's a basic example of the format in one of the text files that comes
with RadiusNT.

Make sure that you stop RadiusNT and restart it whenever you make changes
to the users file.

Josh Hillman

> I am currently setting up a new ISP service and am having a little
> configuring RadiusNT. When I run a modified 'users' file, I get the
> '0 users loaded!
> Here's what I've done so far - I started off by copying the
> file to 'users' and ran 'RadiusNT -x15 -A' as described in the install
> notes and all ran fine. I received the message 'x Users Loaded'. I dialed
> into my system using the 'test' user id and it all worked. Great! I then
> started to build my own user file but when I tried it out I rxed the
> message '0 users loaded'. I checked for tab spacing, all is fine. Next
> I copied 'users.example' to 'users' again and tested. Loaded fine. I then
> added a user to this file and tried it, '0 users loaded!'. Hmmm, I said
> myself. Next I copied 'users.example' to 'users' again and went to the
> blank line in the comments section in the header and typed 'blah blah
> blah'. I did this in the *comments* section along with all the other
> comments. I then ran RadiusNT and '0 users loaded!'.
> What am I doing wrong? It seems that whenever I make a change to the
> file it will not load. I have checked ownership, rights, and file
> attributes. The only difference is the date stamp.
> My system is NT 4.0 and a livingston PM2e-R