Re: some headway on CallOnline problem

Gregory Cooper ( (no email) )
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 17:08:49 -0700

>From: Brad Albrecht <>
>Subject: Re: some headway on CallOnline problem
>Is this not the same error that you get if you do not have the nas port in
>the database for that server? Radius is trying to update a table (OR
>query) called Callsonline, looking for a field to correspond to with the
>nas port that it wants to update (nas server too). By default, Dale did
>not populate the sample database with ports and servers (for obvious
>reasons), so it does not work without populating the dB with your data.
>All you should have to do is to add the ports for each server, as well as
>the server. By the way, a query will work here, as it looks the same to
>Radius as a table does. In the last version of the sample database I saw,
>there was a sample query called callsonline.

I have both the nas identifier and ports in the table and I am sure that
with all the other people having the same problem it is not as simple as
that. If you did get yours working are you using radius 60 with Access 97?
There are a lot of us that would like to know the exact steps to get it to

And as far as the query looking like a table, that is only true if the
query is open. I do not want to keep the query open all the time. I would
like it to update a table and only when I want a display will I run a
query. Plus I would also like to add information to the view like how long
each conection has been active.

Greg Cooper
Owner/General Manager