IP Traffic

Ciro Vera ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 13:06:08 -0000

Hi all

I have an Ascend Max4000 (5.0Ap1 software), RadiusNT Vs .60 and Livingston
Firewall Router (3.2.1r software), serving POTS and ISDN dialup users, with
RADIUS authentication, and channelized E1 dedicated links.

Currently, accounting information is sent to the RADIUS server upon user
disconnection. Of course, dedicated 24x7 links should never be
disconnected, but I need to capture their accounting information in order
to measure their IP traffic and bill them. Any ideas?

Ideally, I need a Max-independant way of measuring traffic for all IP
addresses going through my node, including hosts connected through the
chan-E1, our internal network, and dialup. At least, I need to be able to
track IP traffic for different IP addresses connected through the chan-E1
dedicated link, this is urgent.

Thank You very much for any help.

Ciro Vera
Interaccess S.A., Santiago, Chile. 56 2 550 3300