A question about Radius

Marco Kemmeren ( mb503@hi.ft.HSE.NL )
Fri, 07 Mar 1997 15:47:31 -0800

Hello Dale,

First we worked with Radius with the users-text file. And a couple of
with a framed-adress, we didn't use a IP-pool. Now we are planning to use
Radius with an SQL-server.
I have installed the Emerald database with your scripts. But now i have a
couple of questions:

- I think that i have to insert the users in the table Subaccounts en
Masteraccounts. But i
can 't set here a framed-address for this users. Do you know how to use
framed-addresses with the database?

- Another question, we want to use only the SQL-database for
But this database is much to big and very detailed, is there a possibility
to make your own database. I think yes, but which fields do I have to add.

- Is there a possibility to change the SQL-query that Radius performs on
the database, when a users tries to log on? Or is this query implemented
the source code of Radius?

- And if you have any documentation about this database, please send it to

Thank you in advance.

PS I tried to subscribe to the RadiusNT newsgroup but my message doesn't
get there. Is there something wronge with this address:
radiusnt-request@iea.COM ??

Marco Kemmeren