RadusNT Install as a Service

Howard Towt ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Feb 97 16:43:07 UT

I'm a person upgrading to the newest release of RadiusNT. I went about trying
to remove the old software in a "manual" fashion, by deleting items in the
registry, moving the software to a different directory, etc. (I would
recommend everyone perform the RADIUS /? command to see that not only is there
a RADIUS -INSTALL parameter, but also a RADIUS -REMOVE parameter. But that's
water under the bridge...)

I am now trying to get RadiusNT to run as a service, and when I issue the
"radius -install" command, I get the following message:

"The fully qualified path name to the .exe must be given, and the file must
exist, and the drive letter must be for a fixed disk (e.g., not a net drive)"

Unfortunately, issuing the command with a drive letter, fully qualified path,
etc. doesn't do anything. The message persists. I think I've got the
software confused on where things are after the manual removal process.
RadiusNT runs fine from the command line.

Does anyone know a way around this error message to get the program installed
as a service? I am prepared to go back to a tape backup or reinstall NT as
necessary, but am hoping someone in the next few hours will have seen this
phenomenon and know what to do.


Howard Towt
(303) 919-0868
RadiusNT Mailing list (radiusnt@iea.com)