RadiusNT as Service

Greg Wanner ( greg@ewol.com )
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 09:26:45 -0500

Can anyone assist me? I have been using RadiusNT from command prompt under
NT4.0 SP2. I loaded as a service, set parameters I wanted and rebooted.
Worked fine until users that had upper and lower case in username/password.
I enter all usernames/passwords as lower case, but had been using the -I
parameter to ignore case.

When I installed RadiusNT as a service, I setup the following registry

Mode - REG_SZ - 0
ReqAcctAuth - REG_SZ - 1
Debug - REG_SZ - 15
IgnoreCase - REG_SZ - 1

Everything was working GREAT, except those not logging in exactly as I have
it typed in the user file. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.