RadiusNT and Emerald

Jake Moch ( jmoch@mail.sd54.bc.ca )
Fri, 21 Feb 1997 23:15:23 -0800

Hi All!

Can somebody let me know how to deliver a dynamic IP from a small pool
indicated in the RadiusNT/Emerald combination setup? I have the SQL ODBC
portion of Emerald-RadiusNT working fine and users added are authenticated
(I have entered the pool in the "Config Radius" section of Emerald, and I
have even assigned unique IPs to each of the 4 ports) ... I cannot however
figure out how to get the dynamic IP delivered during dialup PPP user
sessions (all I get is a reported "Negotiated Start address"(with no
corresponding numbers), but then Dialup networking in Win95 kicks me off)
.... the other 6 ports are fulltime PPP connections (all with their unique
static IPs set) which I had setup using PMConsole for Windows, so those are
not an issue. If I manually add the line for "Framed Address" (in other
words, "All users are are assigned their own IP") to the "users" file, the
user is allowed on. This is not what I want ... I must be missing something

Any clues from the gurus out there?!

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