Re: Upgrade from 1 cpu to 2 cpus

Joe Bissot ( )
Thu, 15 May 1997 17:00:56 -0700

Wow was that a nightmare. For whatever reason I was living in blue screen
hell. I added the second CPU and everything came up (under the 1 cpu hal)
no problem. But once I tried changing to the 2 cpu hal everything went
berserk. After numerous attempted repairs, upgrades. hand patches etc. I
finally just tossed my hands up, promoted the bdc, reinstalled the machine
and relinked the data. Something I had loaded on my machine just killed the
multi processor hal. I haven't figured out what caused it yet. I would bet
it was some left over strand of some yesteryear program.

Now I'm off to get some books on SQL so I can install Emerald and try to
make a good go of it.

At 04:11 AM 5/14/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Joe Bissot wrote:
>> I want to add a second processor to my main server. It already has a
>> dual
>> capable motherboard. Under 3.51 adding the second cpu would create an
>> instant blue screen of death, you would then have to upgrade
>> (reinstall) to
>> change the hal. Is 4.0 the same way?
>I just recently learned a lot about this subject. I was testing a DUAL
>and put a lab machine's (a single p100) guts into it. Without doing
>else, I was able to boot it as a single processor p166. Now the system
>parition is a FAT Patition (which later turned out to save my rear).
>You have to replace the ntoskrnl.exe and hal.dll files with the
>files of your SMP motherboard. For mine, this was ntkrnlmp.exe and
>halmps.exe. Once I got these files copied to the previous names, the
>second processor came right up. I was booted to DOS when I did this.
>The uptomp.exe file that comes with the resource kit does this same
>thing, just behind you back.
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