RE: Upgrade from 1 cpu to 2 cpus

Kurt A. Butzin, DDS ( )
Thu, 15 May 1997 20:23:45 -0400

I feel for you went through "blue screen hell" a month ago doing the same
thing. A night of no sleep, mastering reinstall and repair with my eyes
closed, still not any wiser on how to do it any differently last time.
Even tried a clean install, restore from tape to the previous directory,
changing the kernel and hal files. All this got me was a teaser, almost
able to complete login before blue screen. If you found an easier way than
starting from scratch, please share it with me. Thanks in advance.Kurt A.
Butzin, DDS
Molarnet Technologies, Inc. (An Internet Solutions Provider),,,

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From: Joe Bissot []
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 1997 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: Upgrade from 1 cpu to 2 cpus

Wow was that a nightmare. For whatever reason I was living in blue screen
hell. I added the second CPU and everything came up (under the 1 cpu hal)
no problem. But once I tried changing to the 2 cpu hal everything went
berserk. After numerous attempted repairs, upgrades. hand patches etc. I
finally just tossed my hands up, promoted the bdc, reinstalled the machine
and relinked the data. Something I had loaded on my machine just killed the
multi processor hal. I haven't figured out what caused it yet. I would bet
it was some left over strand of some yesteryear program.