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Kurt A. Butzin, DDS ( )
Sat, 3 May 1997 09:22:02 -0400

It sounds like the IIS anonymous user account on the server does not have
at least read permissions for the directories in question. If a password
box pops up when you try to access these sites with Netscape, that is
almost certainly your problem. We keep a copy of Netscape just for the
purpose of checking that we have virtual directories set up properly.
Netscape is very fussy about the permissions where the newer Internet
Explorers you what ever account you are logged in as and if you have access
normally it will give you access with the browser also. We had a similar
problem a while back.

Kurt A. Butzin, DDS
Molarnet Technologies, Inc. (An Internet Solutions Provider),,,

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I have that problem, and it was the Internet Explorer Version 3 not
the IIS, I just upgraded to 3.01 and the problem went away.

> When enter in the following URLs, I get the following responses:
> http://mywebserver/testwww (as well as http://mywebserver/testwww/)
> HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not Found
> http://mywebserver/testwww/index.html
> (displays the "index.html" page normally)
> http://mywebserver/testwww/temp
> (displays the "index.html" page normally)

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