Re: Peculiar IIS behavior

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 5 May 1997 11:28:37 -0400

> It sounds like the IIS anonymous user account on the server does not have

> at least read permissions for the directories in question. If a password

> box pops up when you try to access these sites with Netscape, that is
> almost certainly your problem. We keep a copy of Netscape just for the
> purpose of checking that we have virtual directories set up properly.
> Netscape is very fussy about the permissions where the newer Internet
> Explorers you what ever account you are logged in as and if you have
> normally it will give you access with the browser also. We had a similar

> problem a while back.

I can't remember if I already responded to this or not, but permissions are
not the problem here and nor is the name of the "default file". In IIS,
"index.html" has always been the default file and as far as permissions go,
it can't be that either because the file does pull up, IF it's directly
referenced--but this only needs to be done in the root directory. All
subdirectories respond just fine without referenceing index.html. It's as
if IIS thinks that "/testwww" is a FILE in the root directory on the local
E: drive (where all the other webfiles are) instead of responding to
"/testwww" as being a directory where it's supposed to be looking (UNC
referenced drive (root directory) on another server. It only responds as a
directory when "/index.html" or some other file or subdirectory is
referenced at the end of the URL.

Here's the original message I sent out:

I noticed this peculiar behavior with IIS 3.0 and was wondering if anyone
else has run into it:

I have a second hard drive in one our servers that I've partitioned (NTFS)
into two 1GB partitions. On one of those partitions, I took the root
directory (H:\) and shared it so that it could be accessed by IIS 3.0
(running on a different machine in the same domain).
The directory and files are:


When enter in the following URLs, I get the following responses:

http://mywebserver/testwww (as well as http://mywebserver/testwww/)
HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not Found
(displays the "index.html" page normally)
(displays the "index.html" page normally)

The problem is that it's not displaying the index.html file by default--but
ONLY in the root directory, wheareas in other subdirectories, it does
display index.html automatically (without having to type it in the URL).

In IIS, here are the settings:

Directory: \\machinename\www
Virtual Directory: /testwww
Account info: (using an account/password for use with the shared
Access: Read
Enable Default document: index.html
Directory Browsing: (not allowed)

There are no errors displaying anywhere (including Event Viewer).

Any idea why this is happening?

Josh Hillman