Peculiar IIS behavior

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 2 May 1997 11:20:34 -0400

I noticed this peculiar behavior with IIS 3.0 and was wondering if anyone
else has run into it:

I have a second hard drive in one our servers that I've partitioned (NTFS)
into two 1GB partitions. On one of those partitions, I took the root
directory (H:\) and shared it so that it could be accessed by IIS 3.0
(running on a different machine in the same domain).
The directory and files are:


When enter in the following URLs, I get the following responses:

http://mywebserver/testwww (as well as http://mywebserver/testwww/)
HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not Found
(displays the "index.html" page normally)
(displays the "index.html" page normally)

The problem is that it's not displaying the index.html file by default--but
ONLY in the root directory, wheareas in other subdirectories, it does
display index.html automatically (without having to type it in the URL).

In IIS, here are the settings:

Directory: \\machinename\www
Virtual Directory: /testwww
Account info: (using an account/password for use with the shared
Access: Read
Enable Default document: index.html
Directory Browsing: (not allowed)

There are no errors displaying anywhere (including Event Viewer).

Any idea why this is happening?

Josh Hillman