Setting NT4.0 as Internet server

Humoud Otaibi ( )
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 19:20:59 +0300

Hello everyone,
I just fininshed setting up NT4.0 server and IIS3.0 as an internet
server for our very small business doing dial-up connection to our ISP
using RAS. I've installed Bind as a DNS server on the same machine. We
have a very small LAN (3 Macintoshes running MacOS 7.5.5).
Now, after I connect to ISP using RAS (dial-up networking) on NT server
machine, I can go anywhere and browse the internet. But when I try con
use Netscape from any of the workstations, I can not go anywhere except
accessing my web server (IIS3.0) on my NT server.
Here is my configuration:
(1) NT server 4.0 on Intel machine running IIS 3.0 and Bind 4.9.5
(2) 3 PowerPCs running MacOS 7.5.5; connected to NT server as a LAN
(3) The IP address for my NT server is (not registered; we just
(4) The IP addresses on Workstations are , 5, and 6
(5) The configuration for all workstations are as their Name
Server and their
default gateway.
Can anyone help. Thanks in advance......Humoud.