Jeff Binkley ( )
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 07:38:00 -0500

For what it is worth, I run an ISP service and have a Unix based primary
DNS server and an NT 4.0 MS DNS sevrer as the secondary. It works just
fine. I cheated a little and setup the Unix machine first and then let
the MS machine do a zone transfer from the Unix machine to get it's
configuration. The configuration has been pretty much flawless, even as
we add more virtual domains for web hosting. Now if I could just get
Solaris 2.5 clients to dial into RAS <!@#!>....

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network COmputing

N>This is pretty easy.

N>Make sure that you have dns installed on both machines and make sure
N>you = have the latest update to the dns from Microsoft (availble if
N>you search = the knowledge base for dns problems)

N>1. On Primary Server start dns manager
N>2. Click on Server List and create a new server with that machines IP
N>= address
N>3. Right-Click on the Server that you set up (lets call it =
N>123.456.789.5) and select New Zone
N>4. Create a reverse dns entry for your IP address (
N> -if your class c address is 123.456.789.000 the server is called =
N> DO THIS FIRST before adding any records to =
N>save you pain
N>5. Create you primary zone files (you probably already did this)

N>Great, now on to the secondary machine, make sure that you have the MS
N>= DNS up and running.

N> the dns manager
N>2.create a new server with the secondary server machines IP address
N>3.create a new server with the PRIMARY server machines IP address (yes
N>= do it)
N>4.when you double click on the primary server's icon you will get a
N>list = of all of your zones on the primary server
N>5. right click on the SECONDARY server's icon and select add zone
N>6. make it a secondary zone
N>7. a little hand will appear, drag that hand to point at the primary =
N>zone record (what you saw when you did #4)
N>8. it will create all the files and set up the zone transfers.

N>Make sure that both computers are part of the same domain (ie they
N>share = a common domain controller) or make sure that they have a
N>trust = relationship between them so that they can transfer files.

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