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Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:11:24 -0500

Yes, but the most BASIC data is missing.... WHERE can I find it?

At 01:29 AM 3/22/97 -0800, you wrote:

>I was told that there were people on this list looking for a automatic
sign up server. I may have what your looking for, It is setup at the
moment to work with IEAK parsing, and sending dynamic, customizable HTML
forms to the user through a setup process. When finished the script will
compile, save, and redirect the users browser to a custom INS file with
their user name and password and all settings to configure the browser and
dial-up connection... It then writes the user to the emerald ODBC
database, through any System DSN, and through a sql user with Read/Write
permissions on at least master and sub accounts. Also if you would like, it
will email a configurable email address, and/or write to a text file, basic
information about who has successfully signed up. Next versions will also
have the option of adding the user to the User text file, and sending
radius the reload user message.
>Many more features can, and will be added depending on what the users
would like to see.
>Pricing is looking at $50 for the initial release version and includes all
upgrades, changes, and patches. I try to help everyone the most I can also
if you are having any troubles, basic support and help through email is
>Josh Perry
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