Signup Server...

Josh Perry ( )
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 01:29:54 -0800

I was told that there were people on this list looking for a automatic =
sign up server. I may have what your looking for, It is setup at the =
moment to work with IEAK parsing, and sending dynamic, customizable HTML =
forms to the user through a setup process. When finished the script will =
compile, save, and redirect the users browser to a custom INS file with =
their user name and password and all settings to configure the browser =
and dial-up connection... It then writes the user to the emerald ODBC =
database, through any System DSN, and through a sql user with Read/Write =
permissions on at least master and sub accounts. Also if you would like, =
it will email a configurable email address, and/or write to a text file, =
basic information about who has successfully signed up. Next versions =
will also have the option of adding the user to the User text file, and =
sending radius the reload user message.

Many more features can, and will be added depending on what the users =
would like to see.

Pricing is looking at $50 for the initial release version and includes =
all upgrades, changes, and patches. I try to help everyone the most I =
can also if you are having any troubles, basic support and help through =
email is free...

Josh Perry