Re: Index or back issues of this list? How about news feed leasing?

Ron D. Leiferman ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 14:13:12 -0600

>Is anyone maintaining a publicly available database of past messages from
this list? I am interested in doing >some research on previous responses
about buying access to someone else's news server for my customers >to use,
but I didn't save the thread.


I think I may be have written the message you were talking about. Here is
the message that I wrote.

Ron D. Leiferman
Tele-Tech, Inc
Network Admin.

> I am going to install an nntp server and was wondering what kind of
> package to get and how to install it. I would appreciate any help or


We currently are running Netmanage Z-Forum Server Beta. The product has
been very stable and very fast. We are currently support over 17,000 news
groups on our server. Be aware that news can kill at T1 and under. If you
are a new ISP starting out I would look at a commercial news host service
like or We are looking at going with to host our news servers. We use UUNet for our pipe,
they like to charge based on your bandwidth usage. has a
UUNet connection so throughput is good. News is using about 60-70% of our
bandwidth and on average only 1 out of 10 people online look at news. So
because of news are paying an additional $1200/month for bandwidth and only
4 people are accessing news at one time. We can pay
$100/month for 10 concurrent connections and we are ahead of the game. Our
costs don't go down $1100/month and we don't have to support the hardware.
The hardware can be put to better use. Our bandwidth usage will goes down
so we will not have to add a another T-span any time soon.

I don't have anything to do with or I just giving
my comments on news service.

Ron D. Leiferman
Tele-Tech, Inc
Network Admin.