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Josh Perry ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 May 1997 10:59:17 -0700

> From: David Khoury <>
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> Subject: Re: Setup Fee
> Date: Monday, May 26, 1997 1:13 AM
> >We will be making Emerald 2.2. available Tuesday.
> >
> >Its a no win situation, thats why. No matter what we do, make many
> >releases, make no releases, make few releases, talk about it, don't
> >mention anything, there will always be somebody complaining because
> >we aren't doing what *THEY* think we should. Trying to get several
> >hundred people to agree on something is like bungy jumping without
> >a cord...
> That's something we ALL agree on <grin>. Maybey.
> In any case, how about an open discussion on this maillist where we try
> agree on what we expect of Dale/Emerald/Radius/IEA software, etc ?????
> I'll start it off ...
> * List of current bugs known ... possibly also with a tag as to which
> will possibly be fixed in the next release.
> * List of bugs fixed (grouped by Emerald version that fixes it).

That would be Changes.txt I believe....

> * Access to the latest version of Emerald, beta or otherwise. If it is
> beta, then there is an explicit note saying that you should only use this
> software at your own risk.

I figure if you download something from a folder called BETA you would be
smart enough to figure that out on your own....

> * A bug submission page that needs to be filled out with required
> (version number, problem, type of access server, etc). Will also have a
> note on the page asking to check out the current list of bugs before
> submitting one.

I think this list works great as that... then everyone can try it out and
see if its a problem with them... like a giant super-variant computer farm
to test emermald out on....

> * A feature list, which features will be implemented in which versions,
> what these features actually do in rough detail.
> Anything else??
> Alot of the time, we get really irritated because we don't know what to
> expect of other people or what people expect of us. By getting a rock
> list of things we expect, the programmers/support at IEA will not over
> stress themselves trying to live up to presumed expectations.
> We also have no grounds to hassle Dale about what we expect because
> just stated what we expect. In hard copy. Evidence he can shove in our
> faces whenever someone tries to hustle something extra.
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