Re: Setup Fee

David Khoury ( )
Tue, 27 May 1997 17:59:23 +1000

>> * List of bugs fixed (grouped by Emerald version that fixes it).
>That would be Changes.txt I believe....

I just thought I'd include the point, for completeness :)

>> * Access to the latest version of Emerald, beta or otherwise. If it is
>> beta, then there is an explicit note saying that you should only use this
>> software at your own risk.
>I figure if you download something from a folder called BETA you would be
>smart enough to figure that out on your own....

Yeah, you'd think so. But obviously from past mails, people expect the
beta software to work perfectly. I thought adding a statement in this
directory explicitly saying this would save some headaches for Dale.

>> * A bug submission page that needs to be filled out with required details
>> (version number, problem, type of access server, etc). Will also have a
>> note on the page asking to check out the current list of bugs before
>> submitting one.
>I think this list works great as that... then everyone can try it out and
>see if its a problem with them... like a giant super-variant computer farm
>to test emermald out on....

Yep, I have to agree with you on this one. We're still missing the list
of known bugs, though. This way, we don't get people mailing to the list
saying they found a bug that has already been found. Not only that, but we
also become aware of problems with Emerald versions that we were thinking of
upgrading to, or already have installed.

Does anybody think that making a list of what is expected a waste of
time?? Maybey we should just take things one at a time and sort it out on
the maillist.

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