Re: Setup Fee

David Khoury ( )
Mon, 26 May 1997 18:13:09 +1000

>We will be making Emerald 2.2. available Tuesday.
>Its a no win situation, thats why. No matter what we do, make many
>releases, make no releases, make few releases, talk about it, don't
>mention anything, there will always be somebody complaining because
>we aren't doing what *THEY* think we should. Trying to get several
>hundred people to agree on something is like bungy jumping without
>a cord...

That's something we ALL agree on <grin>. Maybey.

In any case, how about an open discussion on this maillist where we try to
agree on what we expect of Dale/Emerald/Radius/IEA software, etc ?????

I'll start it off ...

* List of current bugs known ... possibly also with a tag as to which ones
will possibly be fixed in the next release.
* List of bugs fixed (grouped by Emerald version that fixes it).
* Access to the latest version of Emerald, beta or otherwise. If it is
beta, then there is an explicit note saying that you should only use this
software at your own risk.
* A bug submission page that needs to be filled out with required details
(version number, problem, type of access server, etc). Will also have a
note on the page asking to check out the current list of bugs before
submitting one.
* A feature list, which features will be implemented in which versions,
what these features actually do in rough detail.

Anything else??

Alot of the time, we get really irritated because we don't know what to
expect of other people or what people expect of us. By getting a rock solid
list of things we expect, the programmers/support at IEA will not over
stress themselves trying to live up to presumed expectations.

We also have no grounds to hassle Dale about what we expect because we've
just stated what we expect. In hard copy. Evidence he can shove in our
faces whenever someone tries to hustle something extra.

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