Emerald support of USR Netserver

Michael Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Thu, 15 May 1997 10:55:25 -0400

Hello all again,

I am still trying to get Radius / Emerald to recognize a USRobotics
NETServer/16 I server. I agree the proper setting is "starts at 1"
however I seem to have another problem. Radius/Emerald will properly
acknowledge the authentication request, however is not acknowledging the
accounting request, and as a result no connections to the Netserver are
logged or displayed on the online status tab. Running radius in debug
mode reveals:

LOG: Bad authenticator: from Netserver 2 - ID: xxx

This would suggest that the Netserver is not sending the proper secret
code for authentication. I have the secret set properly in both emerald
admin/radius config/servers and in the USR Netserver. I also have tried
leaving "require secret for accounting" both checked and unchecked in
the Radius Admin and have seen no changes. Anyone know what is going on

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