Re: Emerald support of USR Netserver

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 May 1997 11:10:27 -0400

Speaking from experience running Ascend's version of the RADIUS daemon on a
FreeBSD box, the Bad Authenticator message is caused by the Netserver not
sending the secret along with the accounting packets.

Perhaps if you weren't seeing any effect from selecting the check box, it
was because you needed to shutdown/restart radius ?

I'd be anxious to hear your successes/failures regarding this, I'll be
looking to add 3 Netserver16's to our Emerald system over the next month.


> From: Michael Miller <>
> To:
> Subject: Emerald support of USR Netserver
> Date: Thursday, May 15, 1997 10:55 AM
> Hello all again,
> I am still trying to get Radius / Emerald to recognize a USRobotics
> NETServer/16 I server. I agree the proper setting is "starts at 1"
> however I seem to have another problem. Radius/Emerald will properly
> acknowledge the authentication request, however is not acknowledging the
> accounting request, and as a result no connections to the Netserver are
> logged or displayed on the online status tab. Running radius in debug
> mode reveals:
> LOG: Bad authenticator: from Netserver 2 - ID: xxx
> This would suggest that the Netserver is not sending the proper secret
> code for authentication. I have the secret set properly in both emerald
> admin/radius config/servers and in the USR Netserver. I also have tried
> leaving "require secret for accounting" both checked and unchecked in
> the Radius Admin and have seen no changes. Anyone know what is going on
> here?
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