Re: DNS Assignments

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 12 May 1997 16:11:33 -0400

> I have these parameters set allready, which makes me all the more
> curious why switching to an Emerald database disables them.. makes no
> sense. We have been using those parameters for quite a while. Whenever
> I use the users. file with radius, everything is fine and the DNS is
> specified (without special Radius commands).. whenever I use the Emerald
> database, no DNS is assigned.

What radius attributes are you using for your defaults for your normal
dialup accounts?

These are the ones I have assigned to "PPP Dialup":
User-Service: Framed-User
Framed-Protocol: PPP
Ascend-Idle-Limit: 1200

What options do you have set in Radius Administrator?
When a dialup user connects (using your db for authentication, etc.), what
DNS IPs does he/she get assigned? Easiest way to find out (if it's a Win95
user) is to run "winipcfg" on the 95 machine after it's connected, then
click on the [More] button.

Make sure that if your dialup user is using Win95 or NT, that there are NO
entries in Control Panel / Network / TCPIP properties. The settings in
there are only for LAN connections. Many people put the settings in here
and these will interfere with the settings that are to be used for dialup
connections (connection profile properties in DUN).

Josh Hillman