DNS Assignments

Michael Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Mon, 12 May 1997 13:15:19 -0400

Hello all,

A curious problem. When I use Radius with the 'users.' file our Ascend
MAX 4000 will assign the connecting client the primary and secondary DNS
addresses if they are not specified in the connecting client's dialer.
However, when I use Radius with the Emerald database, the connecting
client must have thier DNS specified because the MAX don't pass the
information back to the client when using Emerald as it did when using
the users file. I am guessing that there is something I need to add to
the radius defaults in the Emerald admin to get it to do so, but after
looking through the list have not found anything that looks like it will
assign DNS addresses. Furthermore I can't figure out why Emerald would
affect DNS assignment anyways if it uses Radius to authenticate and the
parameters I have Emerald sending back to Radius are identical to the
parameters we have used in the users. file. Any help or suggestions?

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