Re: DNS Assignments

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 12 May 1997 15:19:49 -0400

> A curious problem. When I use Radius with the 'users.' file our Ascend
> MAX 4000 will assign the connecting client the primary and secondary DNS
> addresses if they are not specified in the connecting client's dialer.
> However, when I use Radius with the Emerald database, the connecting
> client must have thier DNS specified because the MAX don't pass the
> information back to the client when using Emerald as it did when using
> the users file. I am guessing that there is something I need to add to
> the radius defaults in the Emerald admin to get it to do so, but after
> looking through the list have not found anything that looks like it will
> assign DNS addresses. Furthermore I can't figure out why Emerald would
> affect DNS assignment anyways if it uses Radius to authenticate and the
> parameters I have Emerald sending back to Radius are identical to the
> parameters we have used in the users. file. Any help or suggestions?

Open up a window for your Max console and go into:
Mod Config
enter in your DNS info here. This will enable the Max to
automatically assign the DNS IP addresses to the dialup

With this set, any of the following dialup users/clients will have their
DNS IP addresses automatically assigned. This means you never have to tell
them what the IPs are--that way, incase you need to change them for some
reason, you won't have to notify anyone. You just change it in the Max and
your customers won't even be aware of it. This is VERY handy.
Windows 95 Dialup Networking
Windows NT RAS/DUN
Windows 3.1x using the TCP/IP stack that comes with MSIE
the Netscape dialer may also work ??
Trumpet Winsock is too brain-dead to work
Macintosh--I don't know the specifics on this. Some of our Mac users
can get their setup to work properly, while others need the IPs. I
think that inconsistencies between the OS versions and various
TCP/IP stacks play a role in this case

There's no need to assign DNS IP addresses using any Radius attributes.

Josh Hillman